Jains observe Daslakshan and Paryushan

Dashlakshan and Paryushan for the year 2020 are being observed by lacs of Jain followers across the world. While the Svetambari Jains follow Paryushan for 8 days, Digamber Jains follow Daslakshan for 9 days. This year Paryushan is from August 15th to Aug 22 and Daslakshan is from August 23rd to Sep 1.

Both Daslakshan and Paryushan are a way for Jains to reduce their involvement with the outer world and reduce their desires like eating, shopping, socialising etc and involve their inner self. Jains also observe fasting during this time.

Daslakshan ends with Uttam Kshama and Paryushan ends with Micchami Dukkadam. It is requesting for forgiveness from all you know for anything wrong you might have done to them knowingly or unknowingly.

Daslakshan and Paryushan are very relevant in todays day and times for the virtues that humans of the world need to inculcate for sustainable living and environment.

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