Kulcharam – Wish granting temple of Parsvanatha

The hidden wonder of the world – The Shravanabelagola’s story

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Kulcharam Jain Temple
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Kulcharam Jain Temple

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Kulcharam temple is about 50 Kilometers away from Hyderabad. An ancient Parsvanatha idol was discovered underneath the ground and the Jain community along with the local villagers built a beautiful temple at Kulcharam

This temple is supposedly having divine powers as this was a barren land and after the temple was built there is good water level and volume there. There is also a Naag Joda who visits this temple very frequently.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Parsvanatha and is 11 feet tall

Location and how to get there:

Kulcharam is about 50 Kilometers from Hyderabad. It has a forest drive in between. There is a beautiful stretch where you can get to see some wildlife and people stop by their cars to feed a group of monkeys as well.

Hyderabad is well connected by air, trains and road

The places of interest:

The temple of Kulcharam is in a completely isolated place and the only temple here. The temple also has an old tree outside on which people tie coconuts to have their wishes fulfilled

A bus from Hyderabad Jain temples comes here every week and bring pligrims.

The history of Kolanupaka:

The locals of this village Kulcharam were praying this deity for many years without knowing the actual name and deity. Once a Jain person visited this place and was shocked to see this wonderful statue and reported to the Jain community in Hyderabad

The Jain community urged the locals to allow to take this idol to hyderabad but the locals would not agree as they prayed this god for many years. In the end the Jain community agreed to build a temple here itself. The land was taken from a local and was supposedly barren.

However once the temple was built the place was flush with water. There is also a serpent duo which visited this deity everyday.

It is said that King Ravana had obtained this idol with divine help and as a result of his practicing penance to please them and had gifted the idol to his queen Mandodari.

For several years the idol remained in Sri Lanka and when the latter was destroyed, the Guardian Deity of the Jains kept it safe under the sea.

While practicing austerities to please the Guardian Deity, a local king Shankar received this idol in Vikram year 680. It was then placed here after proper consecration ceremonies and building the temple

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