Kundalpur Temple – Birth Place of Lord Mahaveera

The Birthplace of Lord Mahaveera – Kundalpur

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Kundalpur Jain Temple
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Kundalpur Jain Temple

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Kundalpur is the birthplace of Lord Mahaveera. This has been a place of worship since time immemorial and 2600 Jayanthi was recently celebrated.

Lord Mahaveera was born in a place called Nandyavarth Mahal. A new palace has been built in remembrance of the lord Mahaveera here. There is a 101 feet high temple here with a 11 feet tall Lord Mahaveera statue,

Location and how to get there:

Kundalpur is in the district of Nalanda.

The nearest railway station is Nalanda, Rajgir which is 15 Kilometers from Kundalpur

The nearest bus stand is Biharsharif which is about 3 Kilometers from Kundalpur

The nearest airport is Bodhgaya Airport, Patna

The places of interest:

The temple of Kundalpur is beautiful and artistic. The lord Mahaveera statue is built of White marble and is 11 feet tall.

There are two beautiful lotus lakes in this place called Dirga Pushkarni and Pandava Pushkarni Lake

The history of Kundalpur:

Kundalpur is a place of immense importance to Jains. This is the place of birth or Lord Mahaveera, the 24th Thirthankara of Jains. Lord Mahaveera was born here 2600 years ago.

During the pregnancy of his mother, the wealth of his faather’s kingdom increased and hence he was named Vardhaman. He showed great courage during his young age and was known as Mahaveera.

He is known to have spent 22 years in Kundalpur. Lord Mahaveera renounced the world at the age of 30 after having spent 2 days under a Ashoka tree in Vaishali.

He went on to be the holy 24th Tirthankara of Jainism and was one of the most important in spreading principles of Jainism wide across Asia.

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