Pawapuri Chariot Temple – Nirvana place of Lord Mahaveera

The Place of Nirvana of Lord Mahaveera – Pawapuri

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Pawapuri is the place of Nirvana or Moksha of Lord Mahaveera. It is a very holy place for the Jains. Lord Mahaveera attained salvation here in the year 527 BC.

The temple is built within a lake filled with red lotus flowers. It is one of the main temples of Pawapuri where ‘Charan Paduka’ or the foot impression of Lord Mahaveera is found

Location and how to get there:

This temple is in the holy city of Pawapuri in the Nalanda district of Bihar. It is 108 Kilometers from Patna city.

It is also 13 Kilometers from Biharsharif Bus stand and 38 Kilometers from Rajgir Railway station.

The places of interest:

The temple is built with white marble and is beautiful and soothing. Red lotuses fill up this lake. It is in the shape of a chariot ‘Vimana’ and has the foot print of Lord Mahaveera. Entire campus is 16.8 acres large. The lake houses many species of fish and devotees and priests feed them

The history of Pawapuri:

Lord Mahaveera along with other saints observed Chaturmas at Pawapuri which is a practice of staying at one pace during the rainy season from June, July to October, November and teaching the locals about Jainism teachings.

During Dipavali festival in 572 BC on the 15th day of month Kartik , Lord Mahaveera breathed his last and attained salvation.

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