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Pawapuri Chariot Temple – Nirvana place of Lord Mahaveera

The Place of Nirvana of Lord Mahaveera – Pawapuri

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Jalmandir of Pawapuri
Holy temple of Pawapuri
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Pawapuri Temple Gallery

Pawapuri is the place of Nirvana or Moksha of Lord Mahaveera. It is a very holy place for the Jains. Lord Mahaveera attained salvation here in the year 527 BC.

The temple is built within a lake filled with red lotus flowers. It is one of the main temples of Pawapuri where ‘Charan Paduka’ or the foot impression of Lord Mahaveera is found

Location and how to get there:

This temple is in the holy city of Pawapuri in the Nalanda district of Bihar. It is 108 Kilometers from Patna city.

It is also 13 Kilometers from Biharsharif Bus stand and 38 Kilometers from Rajgir Railway station.

The places of interest:

The temple is built with white marble and is beautiful and soothing. Red lotuses fill up this lake. It is in the shape of a chariot ‘Vimana’ and has the foot print of Lord Mahaveera. Entire campus is 16.8 acres large. The lake houses many species of fish and devotees and priests feed them

The history of Pawapuri:

Lord Mahaveera along with other saints observed Chaturmas at Pawapuri which is a practice of staying at one pace during the rainy season from June, July to October, November and teaching the locals about Jainism teachings.

During Dipavali festival in 572 BC on the 15th day of month Kartik , Lord Mahaveera breathed his last and attained salvation.

Kundalpur Temple – Birth Place of Lord Mahaveera

The Birthplace of Lord Mahaveera – Kundalpur

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Kundalpur Jain Temple
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Kundalpur Jain Temple

Kundalpur Temple Gallery

Kundalpur is the birthplace of Lord Mahaveera. This has been a place of worship since time immemorial and 2600 Jayanthi was recently celebrated.

Lord Mahaveera was born in a place called Nandyavarth Mahal. A new palace has been built in remembrance of the lord Mahaveera here. There is a 101 feet high temple here with a 11 feet tall Lord Mahaveera statue,

Location and how to get there:

Kundalpur is in the district of Nalanda.

The nearest railway station is Nalanda, Rajgir which is 15 Kilometers from Kundalpur

The nearest bus stand is Biharsharif which is about 3 Kilometers from Kundalpur

The nearest airport is Bodhgaya Airport, Patna

The places of interest:

The temple of Kundalpur is beautiful and artistic. The lord Mahaveera statue is built of White marble and is 11 feet tall.

There are two beautiful lotus lakes in this place called Dirga Pushkarni and Pandava Pushkarni Lake

The history of Kundalpur:

Kundalpur is a place of immense importance to Jains. This is the place of birth or Lord Mahaveera, the 24th Thirthankara of Jains. Lord Mahaveera was born here 2600 years ago.

During the pregnancy of his mother, the wealth of his faather’s kingdom increased and hence he was named Vardhaman. He showed great courage during his young age and was known as Mahaveera.

He is known to have spent 22 years in Kundalpur. Lord Mahaveera renounced the world at the age of 30 after having spent 2 days under a Ashoka tree in Vaishali.

He went on to be the holy 24th Tirthankara of Jainism and was one of the most important in spreading principles of Jainism wide across Asia.

Kulcharam – Wish granting temple of Parsvanatha

The hidden wonder of the world – The Shravanabelagola’s story

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Kulcharam Jain Temple
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Kulcharam Jain Temple

Pictures of Kulcharam

Kulcharam temple is about 50 Kilometers away from Hyderabad. An ancient Parsvanatha idol was discovered underneath the ground and the Jain community along with the local villagers built a beautiful temple at Kulcharam

This temple is supposedly having divine powers as this was a barren land and after the temple was built there is good water level and volume there. There is also a Naag Joda who visits this temple very frequently.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Parsvanatha and is 11 feet tall

Location and how to get there:

Kulcharam is about 50 Kilometers from Hyderabad. It has a forest drive in between. There is a beautiful stretch where you can get to see some wildlife and people stop by their cars to feed a group of monkeys as well.

Hyderabad is well connected by air, trains and road

The places of interest:

The temple of Kulcharam is in a completely isolated place and the only temple here. The temple also has an old tree outside on which people tie coconuts to have their wishes fulfilled

A bus from Hyderabad Jain temples comes here every week and bring pligrims.

The history of Kolanupaka:

The locals of this village Kulcharam were praying this deity for many years without knowing the actual name and deity. Once a Jain person visited this place and was shocked to see this wonderful statue and reported to the Jain community in Hyderabad

The Jain community urged the locals to allow to take this idol to hyderabad but the locals would not agree as they prayed this god for many years. In the end the Jain community agreed to build a temple here itself. The land was taken from a local and was supposedly barren.

However once the temple was built the place was flush with water. There is also a serpent duo which visited this deity everyday.

It is said that King Ravana had obtained this idol with divine help and as a result of his practicing penance to please them and had gifted the idol to his queen Mandodari.

For several years the idol remained in Sri Lanka and when the latter was destroyed, the Guardian Deity of the Jains kept it safe under the sea.

While practicing austerities to please the Guardian Deity, a local king Shankar received this idol in Vikram year 680. It was then placed here after proper consecration ceremonies and building the temple

Kulpakji – 2000 year old ancient temple

The ancient temple of Telangana – Kulpakji, Kolanupaka

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Kulpakji – Most mysterious Telangana temple
2000 Year old Jain Temple
Jain temple Kulpakji

Pictures of the Ancient Temple

Kulpakji or better known as Kolanupaka Temple is a 2000 year old ancient Jain temple in the Kolanpuka Village of Aler city in Telangana. The temple has deities of Lord Rishabnatha, Neminatha and Mahaveera. It also has an image of lord Rishabnatha which has been carved out of a green stone and is famous as “Manikyaswami”

Kolanu means a Lake and Paka means a Hut which depicts this place was full of lakes and huts at a point of time in history

Location and how to get there:

Kolanupaka is 80 Kilometers drive from Hyderabad. Hyderabad is well connected to all cities via flights, trains and road.

The places of interest:

The temple of Kolanpak and the Someshwara temple are the two important temples of this place. This place is an important pilgrimage centre for Svetambara Jain.

There are eight idols of various Tirthankaras here and the statue of Lord Mahaveera is made from a single piece of Jade.

Kolanupaka is said to be known by different names in the past, Bimbavatipuram, Kottiyapaka, Kollihaka, Kollipaka and Kolanpak.

The Someshwara temple’s museeum has the other statues which were found while constructing the school and library. This temple was built by the Chalukyas 800 years back.

The history of Kolanupaka:

The idol of Sri Adinatha or also known as lord Rishbhnatha here is famous by the name of Sri Manikyaswami and is very ancient.

Historical legends say that Shri Bharat Chakravarti, son of Shri Adhinath had place idols of all 24 Tirthankaras on Mount Ashtapad and one of the idols was made of a blue precious stone which was set in his own ring.

It is said that King Ravana had obtained this idol with divine help and as a result of his practicing penance to please them and had gifted the idol to his queen Mandodari.

For several years the idol remained in Sri Lanka and when the latter was destroyed, the Guardian Deity of the Jains kept it safe under the sea.

While practicing austerities to please the Guardian Deity, a local king Shankar received this idol in Vikram year 680. It was then placed here after proper consecration ceremonies and building the temple

Shikharji – Place of Nirvana of 20 Tirthankaras

The holy mountain of Shikharji

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Shikharji Pawan Dham | Parasnath Hill Tour
Sammed Shikharji Worship
Sammed Shikharji Yatra

A view of the Shikharji

Shikharji is a revered Jain pilgrimage site. It is believed that twenty of the twenty four thirthankaras attained Moksha from here according to the Nirvana Kanda text. It is a 44 kilometers walk on the hill to reach the holy place

Location and how to get there:

One can reach Shikharji by train. The nearest railway station is Parasnath Station which is located in Dumri Jharkhand, almost 25 km away from Madhuban. Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport, Durgapur is the nearest Airport near Shikharji

One can reach the summit of Shikharji by a dolee which is a convenient way to reach the summit for those who will find it difficult to trek up so long

The places of interest:

The pilgrimage on the mountain is a walk of 27 Kilometers. There are 31 shrines to be covered for the pilgrimage. The first shrine (Tonk) is reached by walking 9 Kilometers. The 9 Kilometers help you cover the other tonks and then 9 Kilometers is a walk down the mountain.

The tonks are of different Jain Thirthankars.

Places to live: There are many dharamshalas in Shikharji. Some of the contact numbers of the Dharamshalas are as below:

  • UTTAR PRADESH PRAKASH BHAVAN: Phone- 06558-232366, 232367, 232390 email:
  • SHWETAMBAR KOTHI and TEMPLE: Phone- 06558-232226, 232260. This place has a few hundred rooms for stay
  • SHRI DHARAM MANGAL JAIN VIDYAPEETH: Phone- 06558-232230, 232306
  • DIGAMBAR JAIN BEES PANTH KOTHI: Phone- 06558-232228, 232209, 232361
  • DIGAMBAR JAIN TERAH PANTH KOTHI: Phone- 06558-232231, 232292. This has a Dharamsala with over 400 rooms
  • SHASHWAT BHAWAN: Phone- 06558-232378 & 232314
  • SHRI DIGAMBER JAIN SUMTISAGAR TYAGIVARTI ASHRAM ASHRAM: Phone- 06558-232261 It has about 80 rooms
  • TRIYOG ASHRAM: Phone- 06558-232252
  • DAK BUNGLOW: Phone- 06558- 232265. Govt managed Tourist residence (on the Parasnath Hills, near 31st Tonk). Prior reservation is required from Madhuban
  • Chopda Kund Dharamshala
  • KUTCHI BHAVAN Phone 06532 32225, 06532 32226

Shravanbelagola – Largest monolithic statue in the world

The hidden wonder of the world – The Shravanabelagola’s story

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Prathistapana Divas, Shravanabelagola Candid Video
History of Shravanabelagla
Story of Bahubali Bhagwa- Animation
Bahubali statue built with Machines?
Aerial view of Shravanabelagola
Very old video of Shravanabelagola

A snapshot of the town of Shravanabelagola

Shravanbelagola is a centuries old Jain temple in the state of Karnataka in India. It is about 145 Kilometers from Bengaluru city of Karnataka. It is located in Channaraypatna town of Hassan district of Karnataka. This places was known to be the centres of architectural and sculpture activity during the Western Ganga dynasty of Talakads. 

It is a revered and holy destination for Jain followers till date and thousands of followers make their pilgrimage to this holy pilgrimage. 

Location and how to get there:

Shravanbelagola is near the historical town of Channarayapatna which in itself has a rich history and is located in the district of Hassan. It is at a distance of 11 Kilometers from Channarayapatna and 51 Kilometers from Hassan district center. It is at 83 Kilometers from Mysuru city and 144 Kilometers from Bengaluru.

The best way to get there is to take a flight either to Bengaluru or Mysuru and from there pick a self drive car or rent a cab. The drive to Shravanabelagola is a very pleasant one which is dotted with greenery and some fantastic rocky mountains and boulder hills on the way. There are some wonderful South Indian Restaurants on the way and you should certainly try it out too. I will add more details about it on the names of these places shortly as well.

During the recent Mahamastakabhisheka in February 2018 the government spent considerable effort on access to Shravanabelagola and the roads to the town are quite good.

The places of interest:

Vindhyagiri Mountain: Shravanabelagola is popular for its two holy mountains the Chandragiri and the Vindhyagiri Mountain. On the Vindhyagiri Mountain is the 58 Feet tall Lord Gomateshwara Bahubali’s statue which is revered by the Jains. Every 12 years the Jains observe a Mahamastakabhisheka ceremony in which the lord Bahubali is anointed with Water, Turmeric, Sugar, Milk, Flowers, Haldi and other materials. Vindhyagiri is a steep mountain which requires about 30 minutes of climb. The temple association also provides Dolies for people to be able to go up in case they are unable to climb up. The statue is a historical wonder considering it was built over a thousand years ago!

The statute is a wonder in itself and mesmerising. It amazes you as to how did the people of that time build this wonderful statue at such a height! The statue surprisingly looks absolutely new and the ravages of sun and rain has not eroded the sharpness of the features of the statue.

Chandragiri Mountain: The other mountain is the Chandragiri Mountain whch has rich Jain heritage and sculpture. It is a smaller mountain than that of Vindhyagiri mountain and is visited along with the Chandragiri Mountain. There are various small temples on Chandragiri mountain devoted to various thirthankaras of Jains and is a must visit as well. Chandragupta Mayura the popular Mayura dynasty king and father of King Ashoka came here for penance in his last years and died in 298 BCE. There is a cave here where he is believed to meditate.

The Market: Shravanagelagola is a small town and has an interesting market around the town especially below the Vindhyagiri mountain. Here you can certainly purchase religious items and local made apparel. Do not miss out on the fresh local coconut water!

Places to eat: While there are many places to eat here, I would highly recommend the “Raghu” Restaurant which is just near the entrance of the Vindhyagiri Mountain

Places to live: There are many guest houses in Shravanabelagola. The office at Vindhyagiri mountain can help you with some names. I would highly recommend the ‘Assam Bhavan’ guesthouse

The history of Shravanabelagola:

Lord Bahubali is the son of Lord Rishabnath who was the first Jain Tirthankara.